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Care Pondicherry offers an exquisite range of accommodations. We provide a efficient and quick client service. We can know the specific needs of each client, using our knowledge, expertise and excellent suppliers with whom we have long-standing relationship. We welcome enquirers from individuals, group reservations and family. You feel better and you will enjoy the views even we are providing good accommodations for all categorizes in Pondicherry and the places which are near to Pondicherry region. Leisure Accommodation Services, good accommodation for corporate, family in best hotels at low price. Feel free to contact us and plan a very good and quality accommodation with the help of care Pondicherry. We know, what's your need? So we are here to fulfill your need. Not only accommodation, if you wish we arrange a rental car to roam the city. Are are new pondicherry? we will help you to find a good stay which will be very pleasant, rooms were neat and clean although cramped for space. More secure accommodation for you leisure time, which will be memorable. You can feel uniqueness in our Service.Just contact us, we make your leisure time as good as possible.

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The stay will be very pleasant, rooms were neat and clean although cramped for space.


Good choice of hotels and other accommodation are provided by us for your goodness


We care for You, we offer secure accommodation for your leisure time, which is memorable.


You loved staying at Life & Leisure and even booked to stay another night

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We are there for you to offer good accommodation in good price


Feel free to call us and You will get a memorable moment

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